This is the walkthrough for the Robot Chronicles Game


  • Go to the Racers starting zone, two blocks to the left from the LEGO City starting zone.
  • Start the race. Try to avoid obstacles. You will get a MLN reward for placing third or higher.
  • Race until you have five Racing Trophies.
  • Go to Peelie Wheelie‘s page, and get the LEGO Racers Rookie Badge Blueprint.
  • Race until you have five more Racing Trophies.
  • Build the LEGO Racers Rookie Badge.
  • Currently you cannot collect as many as you like.


  • Start out with the City part of the game. Once you get through the login process and create your game, you will be taken to a screen with a Tow Truck.
  • Press space to continue, and using the arrow keys navigate to wherever the vehicle is that needs to be repaired. The game will teach you how to move, if this is unclear.
  • Bring the damaged vehicle back to the garage. You will now control the vehicle. Drive it back to where it needs to go.
  • When you get to the three flashing arrows, just go far enough that you touch them. The best way to do this is to drive incredibly slowly until you just barely poke the edge of the arrows. Once you have, do not go into the yellow circle. You will not get a reward if you do. Eventually, a box saying “Collect your MLN Reward” will appear in the lower right corner. Click it.
  • A screen will pop up, and tell you that your Items have been sent. Continue the game.
  • Drive back to the garage, and repeat this until you have 5 Hardhats. You can go to MLN and check your mailbox to see how many more you need.
  • After you have five Hardhats, go to Foreman Frank‘s page, and buy the LEGO City Rookie Badge Blueprint.
  • Go back on the game, and get five more Hardhats.
  • Go back to MLN, and build the Badge.
  • You can currently collect as many hardhats as you like.
  • Agents

    • Go to the Downtown area, to the LEGO Agents building. Enter the yellow circle.
    • You need to defeat Dr Inferno’s forces. Each successful game may get you a Agent’s Dossier.
    • Play until you have five Agent’s Dossiers.
    • Go to Agent Chase‘s page, and buy the LEGO Agents Rookie Badge Blueprint.
    • Go back to the game, and play until you have five more Agent’s Dossiers.
    • Build the LEGO Agents Rookie Badge.
    • You can currently collect as many doissers as you like.